Profit Research Center Ltd. is an independent investment research and advisory firm based in Tokyo, Japan. The company offers a range of research products, predominantly for institutional investors. Early on, our core research expanded from Japan to include the pan-Asian region, the US and Europe.

With our proprietary Liquidity model we now cover the equity, bond and currency markets of almost 40 countries. The research products are of special relevance to investors in the areas of global asset allocation, sector allocation, global portfolio management, global macro or international balanced funds, as well as Japan and the Asian region. Profit Research Center, Ltd. acts as the adviser of many large-scale international funds, including as the exclusive advisor of the funds offered by the Profit Group, an offshore fund management firm.

Profit Research Center Ltd. is a member of the Japan Securities Investment Advisers Association, registered as a Securities Investment Advisory Company in Tokyo and regulated by the Financial Services Agency, Japan.

Please contact us if you would like us to visit you to discuss our services.

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